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i dont normally draw porn but... :iconneurotic-leporidae:neurotic-leporidae 1 0
jared gore by neurotic-leporidae
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j. Rabbit
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
-- updates are sporadic, but this account is checked daily

Requests are always open and comments/critiques/criticism are encouraged and always appreciated!!
thanks for visiting!

Request: Open
Commissions: Open

You are welcome (and even encouraged!!) to post and use my art anywhere you like as long as you CREDIT ME and please DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE on any of my work!

Shop: -- currently down


Com P1 by neurotic-leporidae

Com P2 by neurotic-leporidae

Com P3 by neurotic-leporidae

output mzjaST by neurotic-leporidae

Pnt Com by neurotic-leporidae

prices vary and are super negotiable!! (but please take note you get what you pay for, i’m willing to lean on cheaper prices but the cheaper i go the less effort goes into making it great) 

Will draw: 

  • nsfw (nudity and sexual content) 
  • gore/blood/horror (depending on how cool it is u may even get a discount on this) 
  • sensitive content of any kind!! (yes that means i will draw ur weird incest ship and that thing thats seems like it should be considered abuse. i have a line for these things but it’s extremely fuckin low so chances are you don’t have to worry about crossing lines)  
  • any fandom, any OCs, pretty much anything u can think of (yes, even ur mlp and homestuck OCs.) 

Won’t Draw: 

  • portraits of irl people!! (i’ve had a lot of people ask “draw me!!” and it pretty damn difficult. unless u want a real person drawn in any of the styles of any of the above then please do not ask because i’m shit at realistic portraits)   


im gonna say it right now, backgrounds will make ur cheap commision go from reasonably priced to expensive as hell. ill be more than happy to draw a simple background (just like a colored circle behind the character or maybe a bench for them to sit on) on the cheap, but if u want a fully decorated room or something then that price is gonna skyrocket up because backgrounds are hard af. 

– this is only really for complex backgrounds that involve a lot of small individual things. if u want like a generic non-detailed forest or galaxy sort of thing that still counts as a ‘simple background’- if u want a background and dont know if it’s too complex just ask me i will let you know if it will raise the price a lot or not– 


this is mostly in regards to the sprites but i will animate in any of the above styles!!! prices are mostly calculated by how many frames you want (limit 5 frames.. i mean unless u wanna pay a shitton of money for more frames).

the sprites already come with 2 frames but if u want your sketch to move or anything like that then just let me know and ill give u a price. note- if u want animation for something like a paint then the movement will be limited to something like this

How to order a commision: 

step 1: ask me! contact me in either me via tumblr (if that doesn't work then email me at -warning i check my email maybe once every day or so so it may take a bit for me to get back to you). you can also contact me here on DA but be warned i check this account even less so again it may take a few days to get back to you on here. 

in the message tell me the following:

  • what style you want it in
  • if the commission is time sensitive (ie your getting it for a special occasion and need it by x day. note last minute stuff will result in higher price) 

i will message you back asking you for any additional details and giving you a price estimate. from there we can negotiate the price and other details. 

step 2: pay up! I will not start drawing until the money is paid. im sorry but i’ve been stiffed before. if something happens and i am not able to complete your request i will give a full refund! all payments must be through paypal!!

step 3: be patient! unless you tell me exactly when u want/need your request then there is no specific time slot for when these will be done. generally sketches take about a day, lineart and pixel sprites about 2 days, a paints take annywhere from 3 to 5 days! i. am. not. a. fast. drawer!!! and it’s first come first serves, meaning if other ppl ask before you do, their stuff gets drawn first!!! pestering me about when it will be done will only slow down the process so please be nice and wait. 


You are welcome (and even encouraged!) to post my art anywhere you like as long as you credit me (and please do not remove my signature on any of my work!)

to pay sent the payment via paypal to my email or press this link: 



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